Consulting services include:

  • Fish, wildlife, and vegetation surveys, assessments, and monitoring
  • Wetland inventory, reclamation, replacement, and monitoring
  • Integrated watershed fish, wildlife, and native plant habitat restoration and management planning
  • In-stream aquatic habitat and hydraulics restoration design
  • Fish and wildlife road crossing mitigation design
  • Environmental reclamation certification
  • Sensitive species mitigation and environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental education and training for staff and volunteers
  • Natural history and native fish guided interpretive trips

Terrestrial and aquatic habitat restoration and management at scale:

  • Local corporate campus natural landscaping and brown-field reclamation
  • Regional watershed fish and wildlife habitat restoration and mitigation
  • Road Ecology, fish and wildlife safe passage mitigation and design
  • Landscape scale ecological connectivity and wildlife corridor planning
  • Climate change biodiversity adaptation and resilience

Successful project manager with a history of:

  • Innovation, collaboration, communication, and financial control
  • Engaging a network of experts in GIS, soils, botany, hydrology, climate, and civil engineering
  • Expertise with terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems across mid and western North America